Currently: Senior Biology Major at Bryn Mawr College ’17



Bryn Mawr College (2013-2017) – B.A. in Biology

Marine Biological Laboratory (Sep. 2015 – Dec. 2015) – Semester in Environmental Science

Research & Experience

Student Researcher in Mozdzer Ecology Lab (Sept 2014-present)

REU Intern on the Plum Island TIDE Project (June-Aug 2016)

Independent Research Project – Marine Biological Laboratory (Nov-Dec 2015)

Watch our Student Presentations at Woods Hole (mine begins at 1:38:53)

Summer Research Intern, Biogeochemistry Lab – Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (June-Aug 2015)

Summer Science Research Intern – Bryn Mawr College (June-Aug 2014)


Bryn Mawr Sustainability Intern

Teaching Assistant for BIO 220 (L) Ecology

Student Researcher in Mozdzer Ecology Lab (Sept. 2014 – present)

S.TEAM Biology Student Representative

Head of BMC Greens (Member: Sept 2013 – Dec 2014, Head: Dec 2014 – present)

Bryn Mawr College Swim Team (Oct 2013-Feb 2014)

Allied Health – High School Medical Classes and Rotations (Sept 2012 – June 2013)